Eclipse Casino is an online casino that has several casino games that you can bet on right from your phone or desktop devices. You do not need to visit a brick and mortar casino before you can bet on a casino game. However, with Eclipse, you can play casino games from your home without stress or wasting money. If you will like to learn more about playing online casino games, you can check out onlinecasino123

Types of casino games.

There are several types of casino game that you can choose. The casino game is properly segmented of players to game aces to it. There is a filter that you can also use to properly. You can also use the search feature to search for specific games that you might be interested in. One of the population categories that you will find is a video slot. This is very easy to follow and play.

The slot games are quite easy to play, you only need to hit the spin icon and you are good to go. The bet size can be set by changing the bet level to suit your bankroll. Also, you can change the coin value to a value that suits your bankroll. The higher the coin value, the lower the number of coins that your bankroll can afford. You can also make use of the autoplay option

Table game category

There are several types of online casino games that are categorized under table games. These table games are divided into different subcategorized for table games. You can also search for games using the search features. One of the popular types of casino games under the table category is blackjack. This blackjack game requires you to get a hand that is higher than that of the dealer. Also, you need to stay below 22 to beat the dealer.

You can also play other table games when you visit the online casino. You can play online roulette. This game has two different sections and they include bet section and roulette wheel. This involves you betting on a number and when the roulette ball lands on the number you win the round. However, you can also bet on the outside bet like odd/even or red/black net. You can also try out Craps and Poker.

Promotions and license

There are several promotions that you can get access to when you visit the online casino. The first bonus that you get access to is the welcome bonus. This is the bonus that is online offered to players when they newly sign up at an online casino. This can be in the form of free spin. You can use this free spin on video slot games. In some cases, this free spin is limited to some video slot game.

Also, when you have registered at the online casino, you can get access to different promotions that you can use to improve your chances of winning. The bonus for returning bonus is called reload bonus. This reload bonus can be in different forms. In some cases, it is recurring every week. You need to claim the bonus every week to make use of it. However, you should make sure you check out the wagering requirements.

Payment methods and Final thoughts

The payment methods available at this online casino are numerous. You can choose anyone that you find convenient. These payment methods are safe and secure. Also, the payment methods do not require any form of processing fee. Therefore you can perform financial transaction any time you wish. The most secure type that you can choose is MasterCard and visa. However, you can decide to use the online payment methods like Skrill, Neteller and Paysafe card